Salmon Fishing

Vancouver is fast becoming one of the most popular sport fishing destinations in Canada. The Fraser River, which runs along the city’s western boundary, is home to one of the largest sockeye migrations anywhere in the world.In 2010 more than 25 million sockeye ran up the Fraser, and there were millions more Chinook, chum, pink and coho.

The major tributary those fish hit is the Pitt River, where many of them make a hard left and head towards the mountains, where we wait for them to arrive on the braided channels of the upper Pitt River. Why not join us.

A happy client hangs on for a picture with his fish!

SOCKEYE SALMON return each year in runs of anywhere between 10,000 and 60,000 fish. These acrobatic silver bullets are fresh from the sea when they enter the Pitt River and are often very aggressive.  Sockeye have streamlined, powerful bodies and they battle extremely well, often spending more time in the air than in the water.

The sockeye arrive during July and Aug, having traveled only about 40 kms from the ocean. They are the largest by size anywhere in the world, averaging 10 -12 lbs, with many specimens hitting 18 lbs.  Most sockeye return after four years at sea, but the Pitt fish are on a 5-year cycle – which explains their larger average size.

August is one of the more popular months for anglers of all types, including families, because there are plenty of fish and the weather is at its best. But there are plenty of fish before that so don’t delay if you are in Vancouver and have a summer day free to go fishing. Best Time of Year: July – September

CHINOOK (KING) SALMON are the largest of the salmon family, and they can reach into the 40-lb plus range. Hooking these fish is not difficult, landing them is another thing. These fish are very powerful and often break the line or spool anglers, leaving them standing on the riverbank with a reel empty of line and shaking hands. Chinook can’t be targeted in the Pitt, but they are often caught incidentally while casting for sea run bull trout or sockeye in July and the first two weeks of August.

Pitt River Chinook range in size from 15 to 40 pounds with the average fish weighing 25 pounds. We handle all our fish with great care and make sure they are released safely. And that is doubly true for any mighty Chinook that might nail your fly while you are casting for other species. Best Time of Year: July – August

COHO (SILVER) SALMON fishing is almost a way of life during the fall, with huge runs coming in when heavy rains bring up the river. The relatively small size of the Pitt makes it possible to fish for these remarkable game fish on light tackle.

The Pitt River has the largest run of all wild coho in Southwestern B.C., and they are very large fish, ranging in size from 8lbs to 20 lbs.

In 2010 we had the largest run in history return to the Pitt with estimates as high as 50,000 fish. The pools were full and this points to some great coho fishing for the future!

Coho fishing in BC is a sportsman’s dream as these fish are very challenging to catch. One day they grab any fly that drifts through a pool – but at other times they are moody, turning aside from perfectly drifted lures. They test anglers, but when they strike, all the frustrations are forgotten. Coho like to rip it up when they fight and in the Pitt, they are big, strong fish that know how to use the current. If it is a challenge you want, then this is an excellent sport fish! -Best Time of Year: October – November

Late season Coho (Silver) fishing on the fly is hard to beat!